Cardano Has Been The Most Developed Project On GitHub


According to data received from Santiment and CryptoRank, Cardano has officially turned into the most developed project of crypto on GitHub in 2021. The podium finishers on GitHub along with ADA were Kusama and Polkadot, with around 140,000 events over the year. ADA managed to beat the development of Ethereum by quite a wide margin, with Ethereum coming in fourth place. Santiment has defined an event on GitHub as either bringing forth an issue, creating a request for pull, commenting on an issue, or watching a repository for a code, among other functions. 

Cardano Has Seen Some Massive Popularity The Last Year

In a live session on YouTube the previous week, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, had revealed that there were currently around 27 projects that the blockchain was developing. Along with that, Hoskinson also expects the number of ADA users to grow a lot more from the current 2 million users, which would be accredited to the growing popularity of nonfungible tokens of NFTs

The technological advancement of Cardano has also been gaining some major traction post-Alonzo. One of the most notable works of blockchain that is currently in progress has been the layer-two Hydra upgrade, which would be channeling the transactions off-chain to stake pools without partitioning the ledger itself. Theoretically, it would also be enabling far more linear scaling of the network with around hundreds of hydra nodes- each of which would process hundreds of transactions. 

Another reason behind Cardano’s growing popularity has been the novel fintech funding mechanism- which is also known as the initial stake pool offering which is quite unique to the ADA blockchain. In such a setup, most of the enthusiasts of blockchain end up delegating their cryptocurrencies in a protocol while receiving tokens of the new projects that they fund as major rewards.