Casa Wallet Has Launched Its Ethereum Vault Relay Service


Casa, the self-custody platform for Cryptocurrency, recently rolled out its new functionality for Ether vaults, which would allow users to move through multiple transactions through a relay for added privacy. The multi-signature Ethereum self-custody vault for the company was added to the initial Bitcoin custody offering all the way back in 2023, which would allow the users to start managing the self-custody of their ETH holdings with around five separate private keys to ensure and secure the assets.

In their bid to afford some more transactional privacy to its users of ETH, the company has also introduced a mechanism that would allow the users to pay for an ETH pay wallet- which could be used as a relay to create and then transact from the vault.

Casa Has Brought In A Few Changes

Casa went on to explain to Cointelegraph that they had previously assisted a bunch of users with interactions between the Ethereum blockchain, and their ETH vaults through the in-house Casa Relay. This bridge, for those wondering, will be allowing users to move through specific actions, which include deploying contracts, as well as sending transactions- all the while fronting the prices of gas. The firm also noted that one of the caveats of this function was that the Ethereum addresses of the users who were associated with Casa could be publicly viewed through the blockchain scanning tools. 

The solution that the platform put forward involved the use of an ETH pay wallet– which would be a new alternative to the single-signature wallet that is usually used as a relay from the transaction to the vault. Nick Neuman, the CEO of Casa, also informed Cointelegraph that the transactions, as well as the gas fees from an ETH pay wallet, will not find itself associated with Casa on-chain.