Cash Stuffing Business On The Basis Of A $1200 Stimulus Payment

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After receiving a few stimulus check payments, Jasmine Taylor had to shift her entire idea about money in January 2021. The 31-year-old woman from Amarillo, Texas, recalls how she had barely managed to squeeze through with her funds and was always thinking about survival with her meager funds. The pandemic had resulted in her losing her full-time job and was managing to survive through side hustles, where she kept delivering prescriptions for pharmacies, and food for DoorDash. She was submerged in student, medical, and credit card debt. But then she discovered the business of cash stuffing.

Woman’s Cash Stuffing Business Is About To Touch $1 Million 

For those who are wondering, Cash Stuffing is a money management strategy that changed Jasmine’s life. She searched it on YouTube, and started learning from it- and her newly found ways of cash budgeting helped her out. She decided that she would only spend the amount of money that she had in cash. Using TikTok to hold herself accountable, she kept posting about her finance management by stuffing cash (literally) into envelopes.

In the very first year of having her finances in order, the Texan woman was able to pay off $23,000 in student loan debt, while she managed to wipe her entire medical and credit card debt balance. After she had created a big following on the social media platform, she turned her lifestyle into a business. In 2022, her business had pulled in close to $850,000. In 2023, it is about to touch $1 million. 

When Jasmine Taylor started cash stuffing, her modus operandi was a zero-based budget- which is the most common among most cash stuffers. This implies that one would start their budget with whatever their paycheck number was- and then would provide every dollar a place to go, bringing the entire balance down to zero.