CCIV Stock Gets ‘Buy’ Recommendation Regardless Of Recent Run-Up


The rapid expansion of Lucid Motors makes the CCIV stock seem very attractive. Every single day the investors have been keeping an eye to see the developments about the expected combination of business regarding the acquisition company with a special purpose (SPAC) named Churchill Capital IV registered as NYSE: CCIV.

The CCIV is an electric vehicle manufacturer of the luxury types called Lucid Motors. The expectation has been growing along with stock investors bidding the price higher.

Growing Expectations From CCIV Stock

On the 22nd of February 2021, the merger was not made official. As a result, this news has remained just a rumor and nothing more. Nonetheless, the message and media of financial boards are constantly rife with the conjectures flying all around and the excitement regarding the anticipated merger.

The stakes are very high. They made a big announcement on 12th February that the firm will be increasing its IPO to 48M units from 46M units. Since then the prices of CCIV stock have skyrocketed.

Since Lucid Motors pose to be a very strong contender for EV, CCIV is a safe bet for investors because the prices are likely to go higher.

In the 4th quarter last year, CCIV stock was barely up by $10. On 11th February the stock of the company has been trading at approximately $31.50. Several days later, on the 18th of February, the prices of the stock had successfully managed to surpass a whopping $63.

This indicates a bullish pattern. However, the investors who are value-focused may appear to hesitate to invest in the company’s stock after their bull run. This is understandable since a reliable value proposition must exist in Lucid Motors. Considering all factors, the stock seems reliable and profitable at the moment.