Clamor For Another Stimulus Check Grows: Influential Democratic Lawmakers Push Biden For Continual Support

Stimulus check

Even as the number of people petitioning for a fourth stimulus check crosses 2.2 million, a letter from the influential House Committee to President Biden urges for more stimulus support.

The American economy continues its slow recovery post the pandemic, and many people continue to suffer from its aftereffects on the economy. The third stimulus check is not expected to last more than 3 months and only immediate support can save many Americans from economic uncertainty.

More Democrats Pitch For Another Stimulus Check

The push grew stronger even as seven more Democrats mailed President Biden for continuing the stimulus support through recurring checks in the Families Plan. They have also called for supplementary unemployment insurance.

The letter from the House Ways and Means Committee has stressed that workers and their families should not have to fret over food on the table and tweak on their necessities. The signatories include Representatives Gwen Moore, Earl Blumenauer, Jimmy Gomez, Jimmy Panetta, Brad Schneider, and Judy Chu.

The lawmakers did not delve into the specifics, for instance, the amount to be given or the cut-off level for the new round of stimulus checks.

Many workers had their hours cut or have shifted to low-paying jobs. Many continue to remain jobless, while others have been forced to give up their jobs to look after their family members affected by the pandemic.

The number of Democratic lawmakers pushing Biden for further stimulus support has crossed 80. The White House has reserved comments on the possibility of a fourth stimulus payment.  

The search for a fourth check continues to dominate search engines including Google.

The online petition started by a Restaurant owner from Denver has crossed 2.2 million. It has called upon the President to start recurring stimulus payments of $2,000 for adults plus $1,000 for children.

The $300 weekly unemployment insurance has been extended through September 6, 2021. States have declared that they are discontinuing the proposal or have proposed that people prove that they are looking for jobs to continue with the assistance. But the possibility of further assistance appears low.

A fourth stimulus check could help out Americans a lot. 38 million Americans said they continue to be affected by the pandemic. The third stimulus check was welcomed all around. And Americans continue to hope for a fourth round.