CME Ethereum Futures Launch To Repeat 2017 Outcome? Know What Analysts Have To Say


With the upcoming CME Ethereum futures launch scheduled this week, investors are nervous about the outcome. Several suggest that there might be a repetition of what the market saw after Bitcoin’s CME futures launch in 2017 but most of them suggest otherwise.

BTC’s launch had turned out to be a great disappointment for investors. Immediately after its launch, it fell short of expectations. Even though the BTC CME market currently has over $2.5 billion in open interest, the initial narrative surrounding the launch has led to this fright regarding the upcoming launch.

Analysts suggest the expectation of a regulated system in the future propelled the growth of Bitcoins by approximately 1900% for that year. Now that the ETH CME is to be launched, analysts are closely observing the market for similar trends. Ethereum’s value has also added about 600% over the past year and is expected to make more gains.

Eth2, DeFi And BTC Prices To Impact CME Ethereum Futures Launch

Till date, there is no possibility of estimating the growth of Bitcoins without the launch of CBOE or CME futures. However, investors continue to link the 70% crash in BTC price with the initial months following the futures launch.

A study of the historical trends of suggests that there is no particular trend that helps analysts predict an asset’s performance. Even when analysts line up an array of historical events starting from the crude palm oil, to South Korean won to the commodities themselves, a concrete pattern has yet not been pinpointed to gauge the launch outcome.

At the current stage, analysts are of the opinion that there is a range of factors that suggest a different outcome from the one in 2017. These include the performance of DeFi, Eth2 and BTC prices in recent times. All of these factors suggest a bull market; therefore, it is unlikely that the CME launch will result in anything less.