Coinbase Brought A New Tool That Predicts The Future Of Crypto


Coinbase’s new tool ChatGPT has appeared in the market. Perhaps yet to be approved and appreciated. ChatGPT was initially run by Crypto exchanges head of business operation Connor Grogan. He has used it and got satisfactory results. However, the result may have threatened the crypto community as a whole. Especially bitcoin. Bitcoin is supposed to dissolve 99.99% by 2035. The process seems to fall to the same level. There is 15% precisely it will fade.

Coinbase And Its Wild Predictions Brainfogged The Users

Coinbase used ChatGPT for Bitcoin where it showed not too comforting results. According to the head of Business operation Connor Grogan, ChatGPT has been a fan of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, when it comes to Litecoin and Dogecoin the results were not so friendly. Instead, ChatGPT is underconfident about these two results. It showed Litecoin seems to fall 35% and Dogecoin to 45%. This is still a skeptical result. There is a massive chance it would fall down to zero.

They are also skeptical about Altcoin, according to the Coinbase. Another artificial tool chatbot examined the Ether and showed it would likely drop to zero by 2035. They are likely to become irrelevant and disappear.

Coinbase has come up with ChatGPT for crypto recently. Previously Connor Grogan attempted to ask about the results of three presidents. Including Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and former president Donald Trump.

It has previously perhaps also made the prediction of the impact of AI on humanity. Including religion and aliens.

They made people believe aliens made their surprise visit to the earth and politicians are covering it up. Perhaps with less important news. This insane prediction blew people’s minds. The alien study of visiting Earth proved to be true by 10% only.

Connor Grogan has earned the memories from ChatGPT. He did that more than 100 times according to his tweets.