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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Coinbase Has Improved Their Customer Service After Complaints

A few days ago, Coinbase was facing a whole lot of troubles. While the interest in the trading of Bitcoin was touching a sky-high limit as well as their prices, the popular platform of cryptocurrency exchange had incurred a problem.

The firm was targeted by their angry customers for their severely poor customer service. Their customers had failed to access their customer service and the platform received an increased number of complaints that resulted in them issuing a public apology to their customers of the UK and EU.

Coinbase Resolves Their Issue

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The Twitter posts since the past few days that have been directed towards Coinbase shows one story. Numerous users of the platform have posted their complaints against their poor customer service.

One of the customers who seemed very upset with their service has ranted on Twitter stating they faced several issues since the past month that have cost the customer quite a considerable amount of money and left him with no response whatsoever. The customer also pointed out that since Coinbase is a public trading platform, their customer service is of utmost importance for the smooth facilitation of communication. However, they failed to deliver.

Many other similar complaints were made on Twitter.

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Coinbase had apologized for this issue and promised to improve its performance. They even added more options of self-service, launched new educational features, and expanded their help center. They also added helpful features for first-timers as well as experienced investors.

With the perpetual fluctuating price of Bitcoin, Coinbase needs to up their game in order to retain their customers and function in an orderly manner.

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