CoinGecko And Etherscan Warn Users About Phishing Attack From Metamask


Cryptocurrency analytic platform Etherscan and Crypto assets value tracker website, CoinGecko have informed their users and followers to be aware of any ongoing incidents of pop-up messages inviting users to link to the fraud MetaMask wallet.

Etherscan suggested that users should refrain from connecting to the MetaMask wallet. They said it was not started by CoinGecko, saying they were going into the root source of this matter.

Along with Etherscan, CoinGecko also tweeted a security alert saying those on the CoinGecko website being prompted by Metamask to connect to the sites should realize that it was a scam. They were advised not to connect to it and also said that they were investigating the matter in depth.

Both Etherscan And CoinGecko Have Initiated Investigations

And Etherscan issued a warning along similar lines urging people to stay away from authorizing any payment requests from third parties. They said that they had received phishing popup reports through a third-party integration and have also initiated an investigation.

Etherscan also urged users to be careful and not confirm any transactions that pop up on the website. Investigations by Etherscan have noted that this issue was linked to the HTML5 banner code assisted by Quizilla.

Furthermore, Etherscan has confirmed that the issue was fixed by CoinZilla at their end. They also informed us that they had banned every CoinZilla integration. They said that the integration with CoinZilla was disabled immediately once they were alerted.

CoinZilla clarified that there was no compromise in their services. They revealed that a single campaign containing malicious code managed to evade their security. They said it was active for less than an hour before it was isolated and locked out by the team.

They said that they also received information through CoinZilla that the issue had been taken care of at their upper end.

CoinZilla has yet to make any direct statement or comment officially on this matter. CoinZilla is a website providing crypto ad network services for publishers and advertisers to circulate and promote their services and ads related to crypto on crypto news websites.