ConsenSys zkEVM Ready For Public Testnet To Deliver Settlement On Ethereum


ConsenSys is is going to release zkEVM rollup to the public testnet on 28th March. This pave the road for an eventual mainnet integration late in 2023.

CosenSys announced the the next release of zero-knowledge virtual machine of ETH rollup to a testnet on 28th March. This allows stress testing of 2nd layer scaling technology.

The research and development team of ConsenSys has constantly been busy on the zkEVM rollup in the last few years. The zkEVM ready to offer finality, high security of settlements and high throughput on the blockchain. The beta came out back in the last quarter of 2022 and it provided with a early acces to some of the users. This helped them process more than 350K transactions and onboarded many other decentralized apps. This testnet helps developers to create, check and launch applications while maintaining scale testing of zkEVM.

ConsenSys zkEVM Is Ready For Public Testnet:

ConsenSys is the cultivation of work from teams at Infura, MetaMask and Truffle. Some integration and features of this rollup were targeted to remove the complexity of the developers. ConsenSys is ntegrated with MetaMask that targets to expedite the onboarding of users. Infura Integration allows the developers to start shipping of DApps at volume.

Many developers has successfully built, debug and test and deployment of solidity smart contracts with different variety of 2nd layer developer’s environment powered by Truffle.

ConsenSys is also aiming to keep the zkEVM open-source after the launch. Nicholas Liochon, the chief of development and research at ConsenSys talked with Cointelegraph. He said that the goal of beta testnet is to test the system below the conditions that will face on mainnet where these stakes will go higher.