Coronavirus Movie Delays: A Complete List of Changed Release Dates

List of Coronavirus movie delays

With the Coronavirus pandemic taking a toll on all the sectors of the economy, movies too have not been left out. It seems Coronavirus movie delays is an accepted social norm at present. Be it Disney or Warner Bros., the expected release dates of most of the movies have been delayed. 

Coronavirus Movie Delays: List You Need To Know 

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet 

The most recent nature documentary by David Attenborough made in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature has been delayed from its scheduled release in the spring. Not only was the big-screen release delayed, but the movie which was to stream on Netflix was postponed too. In an email sent to , WWF said that the postponement will allow people to enjoy the movie on the big screen. It also said that releasing it in theatres along with Netflix will help to spread David Attenbourorugh’s message on a wider scale. The movie which was scheduled to be released on 16th April 2020 was postponed to late September for theatrical release and is scheduled to premiere online on 4th October.

Disney’s Soul 

Among the Coronavirus movie delays, Pixar’s musical animation, Soul, is one of them. Initially, it had decided to stick to its original release date,i.e, in summer. However, with Disney having several movies lined-up, it was a matter of confusion as to when Soul will be released considering the shutdown of theatres. The movie which was to be released on 19th June has now been shifted to November. 

Free Guy 

Starring Ryan Reynolds, a movie based on video-game with an action genre, Free Guy faced postponement as well. The movie was supposed to be released on the 3rd of July 2020 but has been delayed until the end of the year on 11th December. 

Coming 2 America

Viewers waiting to watch this movie can keep their eyes fixed on 18th December as this movie’s release date remains unchanged. 


Dune is another such movie to remain outside the count of coronavirus movie delays. As per its scheduled date, the movie is to release on 18th December. 

Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984 

Slated for release in June 2020, Warner Bros waited until 24th March to announce the postponement of Wonder Woman 2. Being aware of the coronavirus movie delays, it was clear that the DC comics sequel will be delayed too like all other blockbusters. As most of the movies delayed its release date at the end of the year or were even shifted next year, Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to hit the big screen on 14th August. However, the movie’s release date was shifted to October in mid-June and finally to the holidays. The movie is all set to release on 25th December.  


A horror remake, ‘ Candyman,’ directed and written by Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele respectively shares the fate of Coronavirus movie delays. Initially, the movie was delayed until September. As theatres remain closed, the release time was shifted to October and ultimately to 2021. The original release date was 12th June 2020. 

The French Dispatch from Disney

A Fox Searchlight film, The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson starring Timothée Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, and Tilda Swinton was to release in July. The Disney movie pushed its release to October but removed it from the schedule in July. 

Antlers from Disney

Antlers, a horror film by Disney, produced by Guillermo del Toro was pushed back along with Disney’s Mulan and New Mutants. It is now scheduled for online premiere in July as a segment of San Diego Comic-Con. The Personal History of David Copperfield and The Woman in the Window has also been delayed in the US. Antlers is now set to release on 21st February 2021 from its original date on 17th April 2020. 

Without Remorse 

A Tom Clancy adaptation and a Michael B Jordan starring movie ‘ Without Remorse’ has been delayed to 2021. Initially, it was to come out on 18th September 2020 but now it is scheduled to release on 26th February 2021.

The King’s Man 

Ralph Fiennes’s The King’s Man, a World War I-era prequel to the Kingsman movies is a victim of the coronavirus movie delays. Its original release date was 18th September 2020 but now it has been shuffled back to 26th February 2021.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife 

Directed by Jason Reitman, ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ was slated for release on 10th July. But due to coronavirus movie delays, the film is to be released on 5th March 2021. 

The Many Saints of Newark 

The Many Saints of Newark is Set in the 1960s and a prequel to the well-known TV series, The Sopranos. In the Sopranos, Michael Gandolfini plays the character of Tony Soprano that was made famous by James Gandolfini, Michael’s father. The original release date of the movie was 25th September 2020 but now it is to release on 12th March 2021. 

Raya and the Last Dragon 

The original date of release of Raya and the Lost Dragon was November 2020 but now has been pushed back to 19th March 2021 as Coronavirus movie delays are unavoidable.


Morbius, Marvel’s vampire movie directed by Jared Leto has been delayed too. The movie was scheduled for release on 31st July 2020 but will now hit the theatres on 19th March 2021. 

No Time to Die 

One of the first high-profile movies to be postponed was Cary Fukunaga’s No Time to Die. Co-written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Daniel Craig’s last gig as James Bond, No time to Die faced a delay of its original date twice. A week before the declaration of a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the movie announced its first delay on 4th March. Although it was shifted to November, by October it was clear that US and UK theatres will not be open for the movie release and have been pushed back a year. The movie’s original date of release was 2nd April 2020 but now it is scheduled for release on the same date but 2021.  


The ninth part of the Fast and Furious movie series, starring Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, and John Cena was one of the first movies to reschedule considering coronavirus movie delays. It shuffled back the movie a year. From May 2020, it’s release has been shifted to 2nd April 2021. 


Bios, a post-apocalyptic drama starring Tom Hanks has been delayed from October 2020 to 16th April 2021. 

Monster Hunter 

Monster Hunter became a part of the Coronavirus movie delays list. The movie which was scheduled for release in September 2020 has now been delayed to 23rd April 2021. 

A Quiet Place Part II 

A John Krasinki direction, starring Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt was pushed back to the end of the year a week before its scheduled release. Later, it got rescheduled again. The original release date of the movie was March 2020 but now has been shifted to 23rd April 2021. 

Last Night in Soho 

A horror movie set in the ’60s, Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho starring Matt Smith and Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the many to face coronavirus movie delays. The movie which was to hit the big screen on 25th September 2020 is all set for release on 23rd April 2021. 

Black Widow 

The movie Black Widow was first postponed by Marvel to an unspecified date unsure about how long the coronavirus movie delays will last. However, on 3rd April Disney decided that the movie will release in winter which was further delayed. Slated for release on 1st May 2020, the movie is to release on 7th May 2021.  

Godzilla vs Kong from the Warner Bros.

Initially, Warner Bros. had been indecisive about the release date of the movie. Originally to be released on 20th November 2021, the movie will now hit the theatres on 21st May 2021.


Samuel L.Jackson and Chris Rock starring Spiral was to release in May but was shuffled back for an unspecified time along with Antebellum and Run. Now the movie will release on 21st May 2021. 


Infinite is the story of a man who hallucinates often only to learn later that they are past life visions. The movie’s original release date was August 2020 but now it has been pushed back to 28th May 2021. 

In the Heights 

Directed by Jon M.Chu, In the Heights too comes under the category Coronavirus movie delays. Set to release in June 2020, the movie will now come in theatres on 18th June 2021. 

Venom: Let There Be Carnage 

Andy Serkis directed, and a sequel to Venom and Carnage, the movie was to release in October 2020. However as coronavirus movie delays are inevitable, the sequel will release on 25th June 2021. 

Top Gun: Maverick 

The sequel to 1986 Top Gun, this Tom Cruise starring movie was delayed from June to December in April. The scheduled release date of the movie is set to be 2nd July 2021. 


Tom Holland as the star, ‘Uncharted’ was the first super-hit movie of 2021 that was rescheduled. Initially slated for December 2020, now the movie will release on 6th July 2021. 

Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings by Disney

Simu Liu starring, a martial arts action movie was pushed back by Disney. The original date of this Disney movie was February 2021 but now it is to release on 9th July 2021.  

The Tomorrow War 

This sci-fi war movie was to release on 25th December 2020 but is now pushed back to 23rd July 2021. Make sure the Coronavirus movie delays don’t take a toll on you!

Minions: The Rise of Gru 

A sequel to Minions, this movie has been delayed a year. On 19th March it was declared that the movie, originally to be released on 3rd July 2020 will now be released on 2nd July 2021. It seems the Coronavirus movie delays have changed the schedule of movie buffs!

Jungle Cruise by Disney

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt starring in the Disney movie, based on an adventure in the jungle on a cruise is delayed by a year. The original release date was July 2020 and the delayed release date is exactly a year apart in July 2021. 

The Batman 

This DC movie stars Robert Pattinson and is scheduled for release on 1st October 2021. Originally it was scheduled for 25th June 2021 until coronavirus movie delays happened!

Halloween Kills 

A ‘Halloween movie’ delayed to February, not a great idea isn’t it? Pushed back by a year and slated to release on 15th October 2021, this movie was originally due on 16th October 2020. 

Snake Eyes

Based on ninjas, Samara Weaving and Henry Golding starring ‘Snake Eyes’ is to release on 22nd October 2021. Initially, it was slated for October 2020.


Initially aimed for a November 2020 release, Eternals got pushed back to make room for Black Widow. Being a part of the coronavirus movie delays, this film will now release on 5th November, 2021. 

Elvis Presley biopic 

A tribute to Elvis Presley, Baz Luhrmann directed biopic was delayed initially when movie-star Tom Hanks contracted the virus. Initially set for 1st October 2021, it will now hit the theatres on 5th November 2021. 

Other Coronavirus Movie Delays to Look Out For 

Apart from the movie list mentioned above, several other films come under the category of coronavirus movie delays. Some kids’ movies, indie flicks, and studio films have also seen an indefinite delay. 

Movies like The Artist’s Wife, Blue Story, The Climb, Death on the Nile, Deerskin, Deep Water, First Cow, The Forever Purge, The Empty ManLes, and Misérables.

Coronavirus movie delays are inevitable. Movie buffs have been eager for blockbuster movies this year, be it Disney or Warner Bros. But a little wait goes a long way. Unforeseen situations call for unforeseen actions. So hold on and wait tight! Don’t forget your popcorn when your favorite movie releases.