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Friday, March 5, 2021

Coronavirus Through Ice Cream- New Strains In China Raises Concerns

With the world slowly coming to terms with the coronavirus vaccine, newer questions have been raised with traces of the virus found in ice cream. The five different samples of ice cream checked were all manufactured in Tianjin- a Chinese city in the north. 

Ice Cream Samples Tested For Sars-CoV-2 in Tianjin

This has led to questions about how the virus could spread through food- and the measures that needed to be taken. The previous Thursday saw most authorities in the city talking about how traces of this virus was found in ice cream. Further investigation into the matter unveiled that a milk powder from Ukraine was used to make the ice cream. And it is being thought that the powder was the main source. 

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The authorities came to this conclusion after all the ice cream samples with the virus were made from this milk powder. It must be mentioned that the civic authorities went through close to 2,800 samples of ice cream to find these faulty 5 samples. Since then, every single ice cream sample which could be contaminated has been recalled, except 21- which still remain untraced.

According to WHO, it is pretty difficult to catch the virus from frozen food, but Chinese authorities have claimed these infections to be coming in through imported food. Back in November, a Tianjin truck driver was also said to have been infected with the virus after consuming pork that was imported from America. 

The discovery of Sars-Cov-2 in ice cream does bring out some tricky questions since this food item is particularly consumed cold. An environmental professor mentioned that the way ice cream is contaminated with the virus is quite different from how it contaminates other frozen food.

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Also, most frozen foods are treated to high temperatures which usually kill the virus. In the case of ice cream, this seems to be quite an impossibility. According to the aforementioned professor, there isn’t any conclusive evidence to state if the ice cream contaminates the digestive tract- or if there is some other way to go about it. 

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