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Friday, March 5, 2021

Trump’s Last Day As President Would See Him Issuing Pardons

According to a senior official at the White House, President Donald Trump has decided to spend his last day in the Oval Office issuing pardons. Also, the Senate will be reconvening for the first time the same day- the first time since Donald Trump was impeached. 

Will The President Set A Dangerous Precedent And Pardon Himself?

They will soon start confirming the hearings of certain cabinet nominees for Joe Biden. Although it hasn’t been stated outright who Trump is going to pardon for his last job as President, quite a few are of the opinion that he certainly wouldn’t be pardoning himself. 

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The President didn’t come under the public eye last Monday whereas his wife put out a video of farewell. Although Melania Trump didn’t directly state the assault on the Capitol on the 6th of January. Yet, she didn’t forget to mention that violence would never be the answer to anything. Interestingly, both the President and the First Lady decided to forego the inauguration of the incoming president in a tradition that has lasted for the last 150 years. The first lady in line Jill Biden should have been taken on a tour as is tradition, but they decided to let it slide- with the President preparing his list of pardons. 

Also, with the full strength of the US military protecting the inauguration on the eve of another attack, the current President wouldn’t be receiving the send-off that he wanted. Rather, he would be getting a much mellowed down send-off at 8 am. 

It is to be seen if the President decides to pardon the assaulters on the Capitol. As it stands, the FBI is already looking into the funding of said assault. Close to ninety people are already looking at lengthy prison sentences, and it is expected that this number will soon rocket. Also, a few charges have been placed on people affiliated with militia groups like the Oath Keepers, and the Three Percenters.

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