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Chromebooks: Acer’s New Durable Laptops

Chromebooks are four of Acer’s five newest designs announced today. The fifth device on the line is a Windows Convertible. Out of them, two laptops consist of intel’s convertibles. Their screens can turn around to change them into a laptop. Two other laptops have more of a traditional layout, and their processors are arm-based. Their primary idea was to make these devices durable. Their keyboards are spill-resistant. 

The Chromebooks Convertibles

The Chromebooks convertibles are named Acer Spin 511 & Spin 512. Their processors are of Intel— N5100 and N4500, respectively. The display of Acer Spin 511 is 11.6 inches, with an HD 6:9. Spin 512 features a display of 3:2 and HD 12 inches. The devices have a 10-hour long battery life. The RAM is 8 GB, and their storage is 64GB. Both these devices feature scratch-resistant screens, with 512 also having the coating on the keyboards as well as the touchpad. The cheaper of the two is 511 for $399.99. 512 can be purchased at a higher rate, $429.99. 

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The other two laptops are Chromebooks 511 & 311. Like the other two above, they also have a durable layout. Their arm-base is 11 inches. 511 has a 4G LTE in connection. Its battery life is about 20 hours with a single charge. 311’s battery life is similar. But it features an MT8183 processor by Mediatek. The latter is a cheaper model for $299.99. The former Chromebook will release in April for a whopping $399.99. 

Off the Chromebooks, the final product by Acer is TravelMate Spin B3. It is a Windows Laptop. Like others, its design is durable and can be converted to a tablet & back. Its processor is Intel Pentium Silver. The battery lasts for about 12 hours. The laptop will sell for $329.99.

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