FIR Filed Against Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar by Rep. Mike Kelly

Kathy Boockvar
Kathy Boockvar

Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar found that US Rep. Mike Kelly had joined the other plaintiffs against her as he lodged an FIR against her. Since Pennsylvania has been the point of contention this Presidential Election, many Republicans have started lodging FIRs against prominent Democrats. This led to a few Republicans jumping the bandwagon against Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.  

What Is This FIR Against Kathy Boockvar All About?

The FIR against the Secretary of State claims that Kathy Boockvar changed the rules of the elections mere hours before Election Day- something that allowed several voters to mess with the elections. To be precise, this allowed the voters to fix their mail-in ballots by putting in a provisional ballot. The suit further mentions that there are 

several counties have been confused about this entire thing- something that led to them not being able to completely segregate every single ballot. They believe that there would be some counties that should be kept aside in the event a case gets lodged with the Supreme Court.

Kathy Boockvar, on the other hand, mentioned that this information was not accurate, as they had already spoken to most vendors that would be providing these voting services. The vendors found it completely feasibly, and not remotely troublesome. Most politicians at the Senate have been calling for Boockvar’s job, as they believe that if someone is this confused about their only job during an election, it would be better if they resigned.

Kathy Boockvar, on her part, has absolutely denied all these allegations and has rather vociferously praised her legal team. The legal team from the Department of State has really worked overtime to make sure this election went without trouble. Sadly, it seems the Republicans have been stirring things up again. 

Kathy Boockvar
Kathy Boockvar

Why Does Kathy Boockvar Think She Did Nothing Wrong?

When the question is about fixing the mistakes that might be on mail-in ballots, the solution is always to inform the voter that their ballot is missing a secrecy envelope. The Secretary of State claims that alerting people to this fallacy is allowed within the laws of Pennsylvania. But, Republican leaders are claiming that this disenfranchises voters and is something that can’t be added uniformly throughout the board. 

Mark Gaber, who is in association with the Campaign Legal Center claims that there seems to be quite a large number of lawsuits that have been filed. And most of them seem to have some sort of dubious merit. Whatever be the reason, he is hopeful that these won’t affect the timings of the election to a great deal.

Meghan Schiller from the KDKA did reach out to several attorneys who have been representing the plaintiffs in their case against Kathy Boockvar, but there was no interview that could be granted on camera.