Roku Streambar Review: Compact, Affordable, and Good Streaming Experience

Roku Streambar
Roku Streambar

If you want to buy a product that is a compact soundbar as well as provides 4K HDR streaming, under $150, Roku Streambar is here to provide both. 

Being a hybrid product, the Roku Streambar is not so efficient in terms of bass, but it has a magnificent sound for TV dialogues. Despite not having a subwoofer, the product will win the race with any normal TV sound. 

Roku Streambar- About the Product

Offering streaming capabilities like Roku Streaming Stick Plus, the Roku Streambar is a 2.0 channel soundbar comprising side-firing ‘wide’ speakers. The system is upgradable and can work well with 5.1 audio. 

The significant difference between the original Smart Soundbar of Roku and the Streambar is their size and shape. The streambar is 14-inches and thus more compact. However, the 32-inch original streambar is more capable of delivering better sound, especially the bass. 

The voice remote of Roku is inbuilt in the streambar to let you give commands by speaking into the clicker. Mute and volume controls are built on the side of the remote. Hulu, Disney Plus and Netflix shortcuts are available at the bottom. 

The Roku Streambar’s ‘simple volume modes’ automatically adjust loud commercials, enhance voice volume, and provides better sound quality for night listening. 

Optical digital input and HDMI with audio return channel capability is used for connectivity. Spotify and Bluetooth can be accessed via the streambar and Apple AirPlay 2 will soon be available. 

Roku Streambar-Performance

Although small in size, when plugged-in, the streambar works excellently in terms of dialogue delivery. There was the absence of chestiness in a male voice, trouble in many subwoofers, and it offered an articulation in the dialogue that makes it easy to follow. 

If compared to Yamaha SR-C20, Roku Streambar’s lack of bass becomes clear. However, the side-firing speakers are a commendable add-on. Sounds of explosion or the like are not so impactful majorly due to the size of the streambar when compared with Yamaha. 

However, if you add a subwoofer to the Streambar, you’ll get the desired sound quality. 

Roku Streambar- Is it a Good Buy?

If you prefer a compact and simple soundbar for your TV streaming, Roku Streambar is a good buy. It won’t provide you with an experience like in the theatres, but the ability to connect to a subwoofer gives you an option to upgrade it when needed. The set-up and the process of connecting are user-friendly and streaming activities are similar to the original Roku.