NASDAQ: ONTX: Even After 420 Percent Loss, Stock Market Analysts Still See Potential In Onconova Therapeutics


As per the latest reports, Onconova Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ONTX) stock stands at $0.3. The company’s price ranged between $0.2900 and $0.3025. Meanwhile, its beta stands at 2. 

NASDAQ: ONTX reported its PE ratio to be 0 in the last one year. The company’s fifty-two week’s high and low ads $1.56 and $0.1 respectively. However, over the last one month, Onconova Therapeutics Inc stock kept adding around 24.99 percent value. 

What Do Stock Market Analysts Think About NASDAQ: ONTX Stock?

Currently, the company has a market value of $53.66 million. Meanwhile, Onconova Therapeutics Inc dividend stands at 0 and its yield stands at 0 too. This makes stock market investors believe that things will get worse for NASDAQ: ONTX before it gets better. 

Research analysts estimate that the company will bring in -$0.03 earning per share for this quarter. They also expect the annual earnings per share to increase to -$0.13 for this year. Some have also stated that growth can increase to -$0.14 by 2021. Accordingly, the stock market analysts estimate that Onconova Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ONTX) will witness -0.91 earnings per share growth this year and 0.08 percent growth in 2021. 

If we look at short-term market indicators, it looks like the company will have 50 percent “sell”. The medium-term market indicators suggest that the company will have 100 percent “sell”. Meanwhile, the long-term market indicators categorize the company with an average of 50 percent “sell.”

Onconova Therapeutics Inc Ratings

Several stock market analysts weighed in on Onconova Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ONTX) stock. Four stock market research analysts issued a rating of “hold” to Onconova Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ONTX.) This means that none of the analysts issued a rating of “buy”, “underperform”, or “sell.” Since the company has an average “hold” rating, stock market investors have been encouraged to exploit this opportunity in building up their company stakes. 

If we look deeper into the issue. We will find that Onconova Therapeutics Inc’s PEG ratio is currently 0. Its stock price is 0.59 percent off from its twenty days moving average. Furthermore, the company’s price level is -36.29 percent away from the company’s fifty days simple moving average. 

Onconova Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ONTX) beta stands at 2, its ATR is valued at 0.03. 

Stock market analysts predict that NASDAQ: ONTX stock target price will be $1.83 in the next twelve months. The estimated high stands at $3 and the estimated low stand at $0.3. 

Onconova Therapeutics Inc stock price currently stands at 3.44 percent, which is above the predicted low price target. Even so, it still stands 934.48 percent below the predicted high.