NYSE: ASIX Earns An Average Rating Of “Hold” From Stock Market Investors


On Tuesday, Zacks issued a rating of “hold” to AdvanSix (NYSE: ASIX). AdvanSix Inc is a supplier and producer of Nylon materials. They operate from Morris Plains in the US. 

What Are Stock Market Analysts Saying About NYSE: ASIX Rating?

TheStreet boosted its AdvanSix rating to “c-“ from “d+” on 7th October during a Wednesday report. Stifel Nicolaus issued a rating of “buy” and announced an objective price of $20.00 on NYSE: ASIX shares on 12th August during a Wednesday report. 

Over all, two stock market analyst issued a rating of “hold” on NYSE: ASIX shares and two issued a rating of “buy” on AdvanSix Inc stock. 

Currently, AdvanSix Inc (NYSE: ASIX) has an average rating of “buy” and an average target price of $17.67. 

On Tuesday, AdvanSix Inc started trading at $”.10. The company’s market capitalization is $398.59 million. The company’s beta and price-to-earnings ratio are 1.94 and 15.57 respectively. NYSE: ASIX’s debt to equity ratio, current ratio, and quick ratio are 0.92, 1.55, and 0.93 respectively. The company’s twelve months low and twelve months high ade $8.06 and $24.85. The company’s fifty days moving average and 200 days moving average are $13.16 and $12.05. 

How Did Institutional Investors And Hedge Funds React To AdvanSix Inc’s Recent Reports?

Bank of Montreal (Canada) increased its NYSE: ASIX shares by 275.6 percent. They currently own an estimate of $30,000, which comes from 2,952 company shares. Advisor Group Holdings Inc increased its NYSE: ASIX Holdings by 31.7 percent. They currently own an estimate of $38,000, which comes from 3,432 company shares. The Royal Bank Of Canada also increased its AdvanSix holdings by 181.0 Percent. They currently own an estimate of $133,999, which comes from 13,925 company shares. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Empls Retrmt SYS also acquired NYSE: ASIX position worth $160,000. 

It should be noted here that 86.58 percent of AdvanSix Inc (NYSE: ASIX) Stock is owned by hedge funds and stock market institutional investors. 

On 31st July, during a Friday report, AdvanSix Inc last revealed its earnings for the quarter. As per reports, the earnings per share for NYSE: ASIX for chia quarter is $0.41. Zacks Investment Research has estimated that the company will bring in $0.34 EPS. The company’s quarterly Receive is $233.02 million. 

NYSE: ASIX has a net margin and return in equity of 2.20 percent and 6.27 percent respectively. 

Stock market analysts predict that AdvanSix Inc (NYSE: ASIX) will announce 1.29 EPS for this FY. 

AdvanSix Inc (NYSE: ASIX) distributes Nylon 6, which is used to make plastic, films, filaments, and fibers.