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NASDAQ: SNDL: With An Average “Hold” Rating, Will Sundial Growers Inc Grow Soon?

Sundial Growers Inc’s current beta is valued at 0 and 20,033,300 company shares recently changed hands. Moreover, NASDAQ: SNDL price leave for earnings per share stands at $0.19, which traded at -$0.01. Currently, the company’s market value stands at $27.62 million. 

Sundial Growers Inc stock’s closing piece stands at -2189.47 percent. It’s fifty-two weeks high and fifty-two weeks low are $4.35 and $0.165 respectively. If we look at the company’s last ten days’ trading volume, we will find that it has a volume share of 23.28 million. Now, if this is extended to a period of three months, the Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ: SNDL) trading volume comes to an average of 13.94 million. 

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Stock market analysts have issued an average rating of “hold” to Sundial Growers Inc stock. They have also issued a mean rating of 3. Five research analysts covered NASDAQ: SNDL recently. None issued a rating of either “sell” or “overweight.” Five stock market analysts issued a rating of “hold.” They also estimated that Sundial Growers Inc will bring in -$0.11 earnings per share for this quarter. 

NASDAQ: SNDL Trade Details You Need To Know

On 9th October, during a Friday report, Sundial Growers Inc hit its week’s high of $0.24. Consequently, it added 20.42 percent to NASDAQ: SNDL stock value. 

Recently, the company’s year-to-date performance moved by -93.65 percent. It has also seen a change of -14.12 percent in the last five days. NASDAQ: SNDL’s thirty days performance stands at -29.26 percent. It also sold 13.73 million shares short. The total days left for Sundial Growers Inc to cover up the short interest ms is 0.98 days. 

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Stock market analyst issued NASDAQ: SNDL stock an average target price of $0.62. It means that they expect the value to rise by 226.32 percent. Moreover, analysts predict that the company’s low piece target and high price target will stand at $0.4 and $1 respectively. This further means that the stock market analysts are anticipating a rise of +426.32 percent for Sundial Growers Inc’s current stock price. If the value drops to its estimated low, it would mean that the company will see a loss of 110.53 percent. 

What Do Stock Market Analysts Say About Sundial Growers Inc?

As per reports, NASDAQ: SNDL is not doing as well as its peers. In the last six months, the company saw a decrease of -65.89 percent in its share value. 

However, NASDAQ: SNDL is predicting that its revenue will grow by 89.6 percent for this quarter. It has also said that the company will witness an increase of 89.2 percent for the next trading quarter.

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