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Couple Crypto Related ETFs Have Been The Worst Performing Ones In Australia

The crypto company that tracks ETFs has shown some significant results in last few years as a huge macroeconomic headwids.

The crypto coins associated crypt-related funds have got 2 of the toppers n the lowest performing ETFs in the Aussie continent in the year. Along with the same story panning out in the whole of USA too.

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BetaShares, one of the crypto investing crypto and the DIGA Exchange Trade-Funds of Cosmos have let down their investors with a few negative returns of almost eighty-two percent and seventy-two percent till date until 30th December.

BetaShare has launched their crypto in the ASX in last year’s October, just a few weeks before the majority of the crypto coins raised to the all-time high and they are not coming to regain their lost business this year.

Couple Of Cryptocurrencies ETF Joined The Lowest Performing List In Australia:

CRYP has been providing the exposure to the blockchains that has been listed publicly and some other crypto creating firms like the Coinbase and some mining companies as well. The biggest of the current 12.3 percent holding of their portfolio is Mike Novograt’z investment firm of Galaxy Digital.

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Through the Global Index of digital miners, Cosmos’ DIGA ETF monitored the success of a portfolio of businesses dedicated to mining Btc or other tokens.

In Oct 2021, DIGA got listed similarly on the Cboe Australian market at a bad period. A year later, Cosmos asked that the ETF, together with 2 others following BTC and Ether, be blacklisted from Cboe even as amount of the funds’ net assets fell below $1 mn due to waning interest in cryptocurrencies.

Similar trends have been observed for The ETFs, with symmetric encryption cryptos accounting for the top 4 shittiest ones, per data from ETF.com. Inverted and stretched funds aren’t included in this though.





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