Creating unique strategies, and making the most out of shortcomings, Ernesto Gaita has risen to the top of the digital marketing world.

Ernesto Gaita
Ernesto Gaita


Providing personalized human approach to its clients has resulted in the success of Ernesto Gaita’s marketing firm Neighbourhood Creative. 

In this rat-race of being the best in your business, entrepreneurs ignore the shortcomings of the way of the industry and focus on generating profits. But in this vast world of digital marketing came a guy who looked at those shortcomings, and devised strategies around it, and rose to success, he is Ernesto Gaita. Gaita is the owner and founder of a robust marketing firm called Neighbourhood Creative. Gaita doesn’t have any educational background in the field of marketing but still has gained rich experience in the business. He had the knack of finding out the flaws/problems of the industry he worked in, and also had the know-how of making the most of those voids. He believes that to capture the attention of a consumer in this highly competitive market; one needs to be unique. He turned his focus on people rather than profits. Gaita built personal one-on-one repo with his clients and helped them achieve enormous profits, which, in turn, increased his profits and resulted in making a name for himself.  

Gaita hails from Canada and was born in 1993. Since his childhood, Gaita cultivated the virtue of valuing people. Be it his mother, friends, colleagues, etc. he, has always valued people. He also believes in investing in people, as they are the pillars of growth for any entrepreneur. His rise to the top was riddled with obstacles, as he tried to put in his unconventional methods of marketing. He was laughed off by clients in the beginning and with grit and determination, retained his thinking and marketing strategies.  

Before long, it was proved that Gaita had a keen eye for observation, and devised his marketing strategies accordingly. Gaita did his secondary education but believes that the education system is not built for entrepreneurs, as they are the ones who think differently and find techniques to stand out in the competition. His firm, Neighbourhood Creative is a full creative agency, which provides social media management, influencer marketing, PR, website development, content creation, events, branding & designing, and marketing.