Creator Of Bitcoin Ordinals Is Looking For A Fix After A Shocking Image Made The Cut


Just a few days after the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol was introduced, its developer had to cope with the first shocking pornographic image that had been added to the blockchain. A questionable image known as “goatse” was written onto the Bitcoin blockchain using the Ordinals protocol on February 2 at about 12:15 UTC.

Before the image was deleted, it appeared on inscription 668 and was visible on the Ordinals home page for almost 30 minutes. Although it is still on the blockchain, it cannot be viewed using the Ordinals website. The inventor of Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor, told Cointelegraph that while he took swift action to remove the image from the website, there is little that can be done to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Bitcoin Ordinals Creator Wants Pornographic Image Off The Website

At least he’s working on a way to stop the pictures from showing up on the Bitcoin Ordinals website. The “goatse” image shows a man fiddling with his anus. It is frequently used to deceive internet users because of its shock value. For the time being, according to Rodamor, there is no way to manually hide specific inscriptions on the Ordinals website.

The website for Ordinals is uncomplicated, with each new inscription displayed on the home page. Despite the fact that Rodarmor intends to have a “very open content policy” where users will “definitely” be able to post pornographic photographs, he would like to block them until he discovers a means to keep them off the front page automatically, such making a distinct section of the website.

While some say that the censorship resistance of blockchain technology should be seen as a fundamental advantage, detractors of the technology are concerned that its immutable nature may be exploited to store unlawful or obscene media in perpetuity.