Cristiano Ronaldo Become 1st Player Rewarded With Crypto Tokens

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

The leading football player, Cristiano Ronaldo has recently received 770 fan tokens $JUV before the beginning of the Juventus match against Benevento that was held on21st March, Sunday. He was rewarded with these cryptocurrency tokens owing to the reason that the fans wanted to mark his record-breaking goal milestone.

This is the very time that any football player across the world has been rewarded with crypto tokens that are now becoming an important way by which fans get an opportunity of interacting with the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo Rewarded With Cryptocurrency

Juventus has an official fan token, JUV, that had been launched during the year 2019 by this Italian soccer club within the blockchain of Chiliz (CHZ). This was introduced in relation to the platform of

These fan tokens are being given to the club supporters which provides them an opportunity to vote regarding the club decisions. On the other hand, the club supporters are also given access to many different kinds of perks, prizes, and competitions.

A large number of almost 770 tokens has been given to Cristiano Ronaldo right before the league match on Sunday against Benevento. These 770 JUV tokens are valued at approximately $11,750 according to the present price of the token that is $15.26. Originally these tokens were worth $20 at the time of their launch.

These tokens are awarded to the football star as a token of his achievements throughout his career as a footballer in Manchester United as well as Real Madrid before eventually joining the club of Juventus.

This increasing connection between cryptocurrency and sports has also taken place in other football clubs where these clubs deal with the idea of paying their players partly or wholly in cryptocurrencies.