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Crypto Predictions Released By Arcane Research

Arcane Research, a blockchain data research firm, has finally brought out the crypto predictions for the next year after taking a look at the market of 2021. The Weekly Update, a report published by the firm every Tuesday, has put most of its focus on the big players in the crypto industry, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also manages to get into the other major coins, the decentralized financial structure, memecoins, NFTs, and other derivatives. The firm has also offered a prediction for what would happen to every single field in the crypto sector for the next year. 

Crypto Predictions Has A Lot To Say About the Market In 2022

One of the major crypto predictions has been that Bitcoin would be outperforming the index of the S&P 500. As of now, Bitcoin is up by 73%, while the index is up by 28% this year. Arcane believes that Bitcoin has the ability to continue this performance throughout the next year. The benchmark for the index does comprise of the 500 biggest companies which have been listed under the American stock exchanges list. 

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Arcane has also gone ahead and noted that there would be tremendous gains seen by Binance Coin this year- which forms a part of its crypto predictions. BNB would be peaking at about 1,600% in May, after which it would be rounding up the year by 1,344%. Based on this data alone, and the growth was seen in market capitalization from several altcoins such as Solana, and Terra, along with the craze in NFT, most analysts have been tipping XRP, and ADA to exit the top 10 list. 

Another one of Arcane’s crypto predictions states that although Ethereum managed to outperform Bitcoin this year with a gain of around 455% to 73%, other blockchains of layer-one would be outperforming Ethereum easily the next year. 

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