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Crypto Twitter Baffled With Confusion Because Of 250Million Bail Of SBF And Their Return To Luxury

The crypto twitter community is baffled with SBF getting a bail for 250 million dollars and coming back to the luxury they have left.

Questions are raised around crypto twitter regarding the former CEO of FTX securing their bail despite conditions being attached to the cause.

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The crypto community is constantly raising questions with the two-fifty million dollars release clause of the SBF. Not only that, the erstwhile FTX CEO can even spend family time in this Christmas with all the luxuries before his payment of a single penny of that bail bond.

The erstwhile CEO of FTX has reached New York City back from his Bahamas stay for the hearing of his case in court in 22nd December. All the crypto community is eagerly waiting to see the results of the court, however, naturally were confused to learn that he will be released from his charges by a personal recognizance bail bond.

Crypto Twitter Seemingly Confused With The Former FTX CEO Getting A Bail:

This bond comes with the master key to let the defendant roam free on conditions that the defendant declare on writing that he will be present for all the future hearings of the court and will not do anything illegal in the meantime.

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Some people of the crypto community in twitter were confused upon learning that SBF will have to pay two-fifty million dollars bail price without any upfront costs as the for CEO previously declared that he only has 100k dollars left in his bank.

The crypto twitter has also learned that in this bail bond, SBF only has to pay this lump sum when he does not appear in the court for a hearing. This increased the co0nfusion among the community.




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