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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

DA Davidson Has Increased the Price Target of CRWD to $185

The stocks of CRWD currently have a price target of around $185, as reported by the research analysts at DA Davidson in one of the research reports published last Thursday. The company currently has a rating of ‘buy’ on their stocks, where an objective price of 12.92% would imply a potential increase in the current price of the stock. 

There have been several other research analysts who have been weighing in on the CRWD situation. The Royal Bank of Canada has already increased the target price of the company to $170, and gave them a rating of ‘outperform’. BidaskClub also cut the rating of CRWD from ‘buy’ to a ‘hold’ in one of their research notes that was sent out on the 23rd of October. JPMorgan Chase & Co. have also increased their objective price on the company to $160 in a September 3rd research report. 

The Quarterly Report of CRWD

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Seven of the analysts working on this company have given the company a rating of hold, while eighteen of them have given the rating of buy for the company. The stocks of CRWD currently have a rating of Buy, with a price target of $144.54. The stocks of CRWD traded up at $22 last Thursday as they hit $163.84. The market cap for the firm of $33.64 billion, with a PE ratio of -304.33, along with a beta of 1.23. The 1 year high for CRWD is $155, while the 1 year low for the same is $31.95. The moving average for the company over 50-days is $138.94, while that of 200-days is $117.88. 

CRWD had reported an EPS of $0,08 for this quarter, where the consensus estimate was $0.15. 

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