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Monday, October 25, 2021

The Price Target of GS Has Been Raised By Oppenheimer to $366

The price target of the GS group has been lifted by analysts working from Oppenheimer from $348 to $366 in one of the reports that were sent out to investors last Thursday. Currently, the rating of the firm is ‘outperform’, and the price target set by Oppenheimer indicates a potential elevation of about 54.01% on the closing stock. Several other research analysts have been issuing reports on GS. Citigroup has already increased the objective price of the company from $285 to $300 and gave the stock a rating of ‘buy’ in one of the research notes. BMO Capital Markets has also increased the objective price of the company from $267 to $274 in one published report, apart from giving the company a rating of ‘outperform’. 

Research Reports From Analysts About the Stocks of GS

The stocks of GS currently have a ‘sell’ from two of the analysts, while five of them have already generated a rating of ‘hold’. Fifteen of the analysts have given the stocks a buy rating, while one of them has rated it as a strong buy. The consensus rating for the company is Buy, with a target price of $254.62. 

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The stocks of GS opened up at $237.65 on a Thursday. The quick ratio of the company is 0.73, while the current ratio has been fixed at 0.73, with a ratio for the debt-to-equity set at 2.63. The market cap for the company is $81.77 billion, along with a PEG ratio of 5.19, and the beta value fixed at 1.41. The moving average for the stock over a period of 50-days is $212.38, while that of 200-days is $204.52. The year high for the company is $130.85, while the year high has been set at $250.46. 

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