What Did the Financial and Ratings Report From ZOM Talk About?


The stocks of ZOM went up by about 5.25% from the last price of closing, which can be compared to the 1-year high that it accrued recently at $0.50. The stock price of the company has been collecting close to 33.96% gains in the last couple of trading sessions. Also, the beta value for ZOM over 36 months has been 0.63. Most of the opinions about this stock have been pretty unanimous, as 1 of the analysts gave the rating of buy for the stocks of this company. The company currently has an average price of about $0.30. The public float of the company recently has been 539.13 M, with the shorts held at 3.56% of the floating ratio. The average trading shares volume of this company is 42.16M. 

ZOM’s Market Performance

The stocks of ZOM went up quite a bit by about 33.96% this week- which was simply a monthly jump of about 155.86%- along with a quarterly performance of 64.31%. Yet, the performance rate over the entire year could simply touch -43.14%. The week’s volatility ratio stood at 17.52%, while the same levels over the last month have been set at 14.65% for this company. The simple moving average for the last 20 days has been 68.66%, while the simple moving average over the last 200 days has been 20.36%. 

ZOM Trading at 95.86% from the 50-Day Moving Average

The previous stumble in the market made it quite impossible for the company to get back on its feet. Hence, it has been accruing the loss over time, with a loss percent of -62.22% in that given period. 

The volatility over the last month was left at 14.65%, but the same volatility rate had increased by about 17.52% as the shares surged by about 180.44% over the last 20 odd days.