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Defective Apple AirPods Pro Devices To Be Replaced For Free, Commits Apple

A new Apple AirPods Pro Service Program has been initiated by Apple to replace or repair faulty AirPods on October 30. This program is dedicated to solve Apple AirPods Pro sound issues that are occurring in a small percentage of the distributed products.

Apple AirPods are the most popular headphones in the world. These white plastic stems jutting out of your ears is a very common sight. Apple AirPods were not the first wireless earbuds but as Apple products they soon came to dominate the market of wireless earbuds. This product is portable and easy to use. The first generation of AirPods had wired charging but Apple even discarded that to make it easy to handle. The second generation of Apple AirPods came with an all-new wireless charging solution. This made it a smarter choice for people wanting to shift from the traditional wired earbuds to Apple AirPods.

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Apple AirPods Pro One-Year Repair Warranty To Be Extended

Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro

Apple introduced its $249 AirPods Pro in November, 2019. This launch was like a generational leap in Apple AirPods history but was only $50 more than the previous device. Exactly a year from then, Apple launches its sound service program that commits to repair sound-related issues in the AirPods Pro device.

The timing of this launch is the most crucial aspect. Appleā€™s 1-year warranty expires in November, 2020 for the 2019 launched products and this free-repair program extends this service for another year. According to Apple, only a small percentage of the devices are defective and are facing issues in noise-cancellation and so on.

The company is not sure if the faulty products are only from the early batches of the Apple AirPods Pro devices. An official statement issued by the company explains that the problem might not be limited to the initial bathes only. However, Apple is sure of the fact that the faulty products have been distributed into the market before October 2020. So, any Apple AirPods Pro bought before the ongoing month is eligible for this free sound servicing program launched recently. Apple commits to free repairing till two years from the time of first-buy.

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Noise-Cancellation Not Working Properly In Defective AirPods

Several reviews regarding the Apple AirPods Pro devices have mentioned sound defects in the ear piece. Several customers have had to replace their AirPods Pro under the specified one-year warranty period. But Apple is taking full responsibility for the defective pieces and improving its customer service by including this Service Program. This program will help several other customers facing similar issues after the stipulated one-year period.

In the official statement, Apple mentioned that the defective AirPods might face static or crackling sounds that might rise in loud backgrounds. For some of the products, the active noise cancellation feature might not be working properly, or exhibit disturbed bass sound features and so on.

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