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‘Buy Black Friday’ Campaign Launched By Facebook To Back Small-scale Black-owned Enterprises Before The Holiday Season

Facebook has started an initiative to provide its support to small-scale businesses run by black citizens as the holiday season soon approaches. This ‘Buy Black Friday’ (BBF) initiative is launched in correspondence to a Friday guide to gifting by Facebook.

Erica Woods, Facebook Spokesperson, has revealed that this campaign is a starter for their 3 month-long programs called ‘Season of Support’ in solidarity for the coronavirus affected enterprises.

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According to surveys, businesses owned by blacks have been affected much more severely than other enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bearing this in mind, she added that considering the significance of this coming season of celebrations, they intend to help the small black enterprises as much as they possibly can.

Facebook Black Friday
Facebook Black Friday

Facebook has scheduled live shows to be held on their platform till the upcoming Black Friday on 27th. They expect these programs to aid small-scale enterprises by black citizens all over the US.

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Woods elaborated on the collaboration between the Black Chamber of Commerce and their gift-guide strategy in promoting their BBF initiative.

She went into further details of selecting more than sixty different kinds of business enterprises. In order to maintain a wide variety of businesses, they have strived to represent possibly every type of trade and commerce for their campaign.

Collaboration between Facebook and DIARRABLU

The gift guide partner for the campaign is being executed by DIARRABLU which is Diarra Bousso’s accessible brand of fashion and wearable.

Bousso has released a statement in acknowledgment of their collaboration with Facebook and seems thrilled with the initiative. She was heard saying how beneficial this partnership will prove since every company requires a certain level of visibility to attract consumers. Apparently, Facebook has given a global platform to DIARRABLU through a medium of a great initiative.

Bousso opened up about her experience as an artist, fashion designer, and owner of the DIARRABLU brand. She revealed the need to believe in her creations and sharing her ideas, prints, eco-friendly products, and ethics of inclusion. She also added that it was only a matter of time before her hard work and creations were noticed and recognized by people all over the world.

Bousso is settled in San Francisco. However, her major production takes place in Senegal. DIARRABLU also provides prospects of employment to Dakar community members.

The artist/designer emphasized the impact of this collaboration which will bring worldwide recognition to DIARRABLU.

In further remarks, she also spoke about their production methodology. When the deal was signed, they quickly increased the pace of production. In order to meet the anticipating demands, DIARRABLU is working overtime to hike their stock of products to be supplied as soon as possible.

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