Facebook Releases Updates for Live Producer Streaming Platform, Graphic Overlays for Broadcasts is included


This is a new update that will help to improve your Facebook Live streams.

Lately, in March, Facebook declared that it’s going to release new updates to its desktop streams platform  ‘Live Producer‘. Also, commenting during the live broadcast, graphic overlays are some included in the update.

Facebook Live producer

The update is not accessible for all users until now, however, this week Facebook released it to more people. Mari Smith, the Facebook marketing expert, shared these pictures of the new tools.

Facebook Live Producer

As it’s displayed here, some people can now see the ‘Graphics’ tab in Live Producer. So, this enables the user to include various types of graphic overlays on the stream.

The different options include:

  • Adding a news ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the broadcast
  • Highlighting viewer comments on top of the stream
  • Running polls, and display viewer results in real-time

This update gives you more professionalism to the Live streams. Also, with users currently making and using more live-streams than ever during the coronavirus lockdown, it’s the ideal time to improve your live-stream skills to increase audience engagement to the maximum.

Besides, Facebook added a new option for your live streams which is ‘Feature Link’.

Facebook Live Producer

That could give a new means to drive direct traffic from your stream, that keeps the CTA top of mind for the broadcast

These are some practical and useful tools, which as we said above come at the ideal time due to the coronavirus lockdown. Facebook has announced that Facebook Live streams views have jumped to more of 50% since January, as live streams normally witnessing highly increased engagement levels than normal uploaded videos.

Moreover, these new features are not available for all users yet. However, Facebook is gradually releasing them to more people. So, if they are not shown until now for you, just wait, they will soon.