Snapchat Releases New Data on How Users are Dealing with COVID-19


Snapchat has released an update on how Snapchatters are responding to coronavirus pandemic and the different effects of it, offering insight into developing habits, buying, worries, and so on.

The results come via in-app surveys, with different levels of response (about 2,000 people responded to a question, but each person saw various rates). Such as, it’s a kind of little group of Snapchat’s 229 million active users every day. However, it does offer a way of how young people see the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, Snapchat needs to know what people want the most when the lockdown ends:

  • 69% of users who responded stated that they are eager to a reunion with their friends and family face to face, and get back to do some of their daily activities that stopped due to the pandemic.
  • 55% wants to hang out in bars and restaurants (55%) and going to beauty centers (48%)
  • Users below 17 years old are most likely to go shopping and cinemas

Nothing is new here, yet it’s exciting to see how people think and what do they want when the lockdowns are off. Considering these particular trends may help to focus on how marketing effort is going to be in the near future

However, even during high excitement for returning life back, Snapchat users know that they will need to take care and precaution.

Snapchat COVID-19 research

For marketing experts, it’s important to know these points – most of the people will prefer continuing to using takeaway and delivery after the lockdown period, emphasizing the need to serve to such during your display if possible.

60% of those who did the survey said that they will prefer saving more money in the future, whilst 54% of female Snapchatters want to keep more essential things in their houses as an outcome of the emergency.

Regarding how the young audience is keeping in connection, texting is winning.

Snapchat COVID-19 research

Texting has been on the highest through the past few years, and the quarantine era has increased it. That could give new chances for the marketing experts to link with users through social media platforms, to confront them in the applications they spend most of their time.

While these trends are big as you would foresee, the particular outlines focus on some key areas, which may assist marketing experts increase their messaging targets to the maximum, for both, the present time and the future, when people can hang out freely again.

We cannot indicate when the exact time will be. However, the young audience obviously has hope that it will be after a short time.

Here you can read Snapchat’s full report.