LinkedIn Starts ‘US Recovery Tracker’ to Measure Key Economic Indicators During COVID-19


Since COVID-19 cases are increasing again, companies are reevaluating their market situation and its possibility of recovery amidst the ruining human effects of the coronavirus pandemic

It sounded like it will be just a short time to resume work and back to the track. However, the increasing cases that happened lately, threatened the situation. Also, it emphasizes that we will be handling this for some extra months.

How will this impact our future of jobs and the economy in general? LinkedIn has started a new Recovery Tracker tool that will measure different coronavirus effects and offers ideas about how it changes over time.

LinkedIn COVID-19 impact tracker

LinkedIn clarified:

“[The Recovery Tracker] will tap into labor market data that’s unique to LinkedIn’s ecosystem, with 690 million members worldwide and more than 160 million members in the United States. Key areas of LinkedIn data include member hiring, job postings, and worker confidence.”

As shown in the results above, the Tracker is going to focus on key trends in different fields.

Also, the first data is not great:

“As shown in the chart above, the U.S. labor market hasn’t meaningfully improved since mid-April, when more than 16 million people filed initial jobless claims in a three-week span. Three of the five LinkedIn data signals are color-coded dark red, which represents the worst showing. The other two are coded orange, which also signals below baseline performance, though to a less severe extent.”

Partially, it would be good not to look at numbers. However, they can be useful in understanding these key elements of marketing, and how they are related to your work.

You can sign up for the LinkedIn ‘Workforce Insights’ newsletter to stay up to date with the new US Recovery Tracker, which will begin to be a lot bluer in the next months.