LinkedIn Reports That It’s Helped 10 Million People Gain New Skills in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic could be a vital event for LinkedIn’s evolution.

COVID-19 has put millions of people out of work and will affect many more in many different ways. Also, it has opened up new chances for digital connection, fresh approaches to work, online training, and so on. Through that, LinkedIn is perfectly placed to both maximized engagement and facilitate the increased need. Though the global economy is getting back gradually following the COVID-19 pandemic, LinkedIn is seeing significant growth in usage from job seekers to professionals looking for the next steps.

Basically, LinkedIn is already the major online platform for professional connection, and amid the pandemic, it has looked up to maximize the relevant value of its training tools to assist people to determine the main skills that can go along with them with new opportunities.

Now, LinkedIn has announced that 10 million users have learned new skills via LinkedIn Learning, GitHub, and Microsoft Education during the pandemic.

According to LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky:

“People from 231 countries and territories, and all 50 states have tapped into our program at since we launched in June. We’re seeing huge numbers of people from the U.S., India, UK, France, and Canada learning every day, with some of the most popular courses being for roles in software development, customer service, and data analysts.”

By using its Economic Graph, which LinkedIn can map the career progressions and skills through with over 706 million users, 55 million companies, and 11 million job lists, LinkedIn is placed perfectly to determine major areas of chances which positions it to be the main platform to connect all professionals and to help them move forward. As noted, it will see the platform keep to establish more engagement and interactions, and increase the potential as a major HR tool in several respects.

For marketing experts, that is very important to note, as the focus in on education and training here, the expanded inclusions are related to the platform’s usage more, and with more users coming to LinkedIn to develop themselves. It provides more chances to reach active employers and managers who are engaging in LinkedIn too to maximize their brand awareness.

That may lead to more opportunities, and while the focus of the platform now is to help more people to have the training, it is also building its platform as a key focus for more users that may lead to maximize outreach volume and marketing moving forward.