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DeFi Offered Outlook By Bank Of America

The Bank of America Corporation has already published a research report that offers quite a bullish outlook for DeFi. The report, which was published by the BoA subsidiary on Monday, does offer a vividly nuanced appraisal of the sector of digital assets that highlights the innovation which is taking place within the non-fungible token as well as the decentralized finance sectors.

The report also brings out the idea that the $2.15 trillion market capitalization of the cryptocurrency sector is too large to be ignored- which further highlights that the digital asset ecosystem has gone through so much more than just BTC.

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DeFi Sector Getting Recognition From The Bank of America

The report also goes on to characterize the entire DeFi sector as encompassing crypto tokens that act like operation systems, decentralized applications without utilizing middlemen, and stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies along with central bank digital currencies, and non-fungible tokens which enable the connection between fans and creators.

The report clarified that digital assets aren’t usually about payments for most citizens. The assets are about a new paradigm of computing- which is a programmable computer that is easily accessible everywhere. 

The BofA report mentioned that the venture capital in the crypto and blockchain sector has increased exponentially in 2021- stating that around $17 billion was invested in the DeFi industry during the initial half of the year- which soon went on triple the $5.5 billion injected into the cryptocurrency sector over the entirety of last year.

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The report also provided legitimacy to the recent surging rates for the adoption of crypto, which estimates that around 221 million users have been trading the cryptocurrency or used an application for blockchain. 

The report also warned users about the volatility that is associated with the nascent sectors of DeFi and NFT, stating that several heightened risks in this segment should be analyzed first. 

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