DefiLlama Internal Dispute As Founders And Employees Fight


An internal struggle between the founders at DefiLlama has led to apprehension among stakeholders over the future of the company. Pseudonymous co-founder Oxngmi has accused another DefiLlama founder of going ahead with the launch of a token that lacked internal support.

Oxngmi went on social media to allege that there was an attempt to go ahead with the token. He also alleged that it was not representative of the stakeholders in the company. He has refused to be associated with the launch. He has also verified on-chain that the account had neither been hacked nor was the strife fake.

The rebel founder alleged that the co-founders created a forked form of DefiLlama and directed others to it. The co-founder also warned on Twitter of an inimical takeover linked to the impending token launch. They said that the attempted launch of the token was not representative of all the company’s founders. He also revealed his decision not to be linked with it.

Oxngmi Confirms That Dispute Solely Linked To Launch Of DefiLlama Token

Oxngmi further alleged that the person controlling the web domain of DefiLlama decided to reveal the launch of the token, ignoring the resistance of others on the DefiLlama founding team.

This has prompted Oxngmi to set up a parallel site,, plus also a corresponding account on Twitter, @llamadotfi, which they can use instead. The Twitter account has already garnered a following of 6,000 by Sunday.

The new website bears a close resemblance to the original. But it does not link to some of the tools, including the branded news site DLNews and LlamaNodes, the Web3 infrastructure services.

Another of the co-founders, OxLlam4 has confirmed on Twitter that he remains in sole control of the DefiLlama social media account and its website. He said that a resolution was imminent and would serve the community of the project. DefiLlama promised several nice surprises for people using and contributing to the services of the project.