Digital Assets Is Now $433m

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Last year, investors were in a rush to gain as much as they can from the price performance of Bitcoin because the inflows of digital assets hit 433 million. This was as per the report of Elwood and PwC Asset Management. In 2021, the recorded figure, 89Mn, was about five times less than the current figure. The report further concluded that there were a lot of new debutantes in the market of cryptocurrencies in 2022.

It just goes to show that the momentum of digital assets is growing. The figure is also an increase of 38% from that of last year, as per the reports of CAMM (Cryptoasset Market Monitoring). As per this report, since 2019 began, there has been a $2.2Bn influx in crypto assets. The trend also continued throughout last year and into this year with over $10Bn as projected investments in digital assets. The report further predicts that over 80% of every participant in the market will have some kind of digital asset investment in the coming 5 years.

Digital Assets Going Up

Even though there is clear interest from investors in crypto assets, the rate at which the money is being invested depends on their location. Europe, for example, saw a lot of growth in 2021 recording an increase of 73% in activities related to investments. However, NA recorded a meager growth of just 20% in that similar period since there was uncertainty regarding the regulations surrounding Bitcoin and other similar cryptos.

As per the report, digital assets mean every kind of crypto asset such as tokens based on blockchain as well as cryptocurrencies. The report’s basis was data provided by Elwood Asset Management. They tracked inflows of digital assets and their conversion into funds during 2023.