‘Ferris Bueller’ Filmmaker Would Be ‘Angry’ With Him, Says Matthew Broderick: “I Do Make People Angry”

Matthew Broderick

The late Ferris Bueller’s director John Hughes and Matthew Broderick had some conflict, according to the actor, who felt “nervous” that the movie would not work out. When Matthew Broderick, 61 spoke on a podcast to talk about the filming of the adolescent comedy from 1986, he noted that John, who passed away at only 59 in 2009 following a heart stroke.

As they started to shoot the film that started the career of Matthew Broderick who was merely twenty-three at the time, Hughes, who had written and directed multiple ’80s coming-of-age classics, was someone Broderick did remember with affection.

Matthew Broderick Opens Up On His Days As Ferris Bueller And Working With John Hughes

However, when they shot their film in Chicago, Broderick claimed that tensions started to build as soon as he along with the other members of the main cast, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara, and Jennifer Grey, did an outfit check in the production. The drama there, says Matthew Broderick, was huge. Adding that none of them were quite fun to see once the video was reviewed. Broderick thought back. They had performed poorly on their tests. Although he says, John did like some of the performances, his was among the ones he didn’t like. Even though the movie made Broderick famous, he told THR that he was not an absolute newcomer back then and recalled not enjoying the criticism.

Broderick highlighted that Hughes taking their job seriously, was what he meant despite mentioning brief on-set arguments and recalling his days with Ferris Bueller. “[John] wasn’t a lazy person,” he said. But he didn’t also harbor resentment and had self-rescuing skills.

The actor said that John wasn’t the only filmmaker to have expressed disapproval of his on-set performance.