Disney’s New Business Plan: How to Company’s Strategy Will Change 

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Disney's New Business

The Disney company has recently announced that it is planning to change its strategy in the nearest future. What innovations is it going to implement? Will the structure of the company change? Find the answers to these questions and much more right here below.  

Before You Start The Investigation 

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New Direct-to-Customer Segment 

The company is going to establish a new segment, called Direct-to-Customer, as well as an International segment. These units will serve as a technology and distribution establishment for providing top-quality content created by Disney professionals.  


This new segment will contain various media departments that belong to Disney studio. The company is going to choose a new direct-to-customer strategy on a global scale. This includes a stake in HULU and streaming utilities. Furthermore, the company is planning to launch an innovative ESPN+ streaming utility that was developed in cooperation with the world-known manufacturer. As for the heads of the department, the Senior vice president will become the head of the new segment, becoming a productive leader in a new niche. It will be Agnes Chu, who is known for her creative mind, critical thinking, and exceptional managing talent. The new leader is likely to bring the development of the department to a higher level, offering a unique entertainment experience to all the clients. Moreover, the new segment will have more functions and will be able to achieve the new global goals of Disney company.  

New Consumer Products Segment  

This segment will become a hot spot for creating unique characters, stories, and franchises. Bob Chapek, a well-known Disney expert, will become the head of this new unit. It is also important to note that Walt Disney Parks will be merged with the company’s worldwide consumer products sector. Now, it will include the global toys’ licensing, digital apps and games, online shopping platform, physical stores all over the world, and some other fields. Uniting two departments will help Disney offer better retail service, share the resources in the most effective way, as well as create top-notch brand products. The head of the department will be responsible for bringing to life new creative Disney ideas, customer satisfaction, and sales growth. These innovations are likely to lead to higher revenues for the entire company. In other words, the company’s reorganization is made to optimize the structure, resources, and activities between different sectors. These new tactics are likely to help the company work in the most effective way without attracting investors or spending huge sums of money. Being inexpensive and economically proven, the new strategy will help to achieve much better business results within the entire Disney corporation.  

Changes In Media Segment  

Media networks is another department that will be re-organized to meet the company’s new strategy. The new subdivisions are likely to be added, while the department’s management will also get new faces. The new modern segment will now be managed by Ben Sherwood and James Pitaro, who filled in the other positions in Disney before. As for the segment, virtually it will continue to be almost the same. The only changes are expected in the Channel operations section that will be moved to the Direct-to-customer segment. To put it short, the changes in this department are not so drastic as in some other departments.  

Studio Entertainment  

The Studio Entertainment sector will be still headed by Alan F.Horn. The segment is not likely to be significantly transformed. The only department moving to the Direct-to-customer segment will be Program sales. The sector will still include Animation Studios, Live Action, Marvel Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Theatrical Group, and Music Group.  

The company is planning to perform the entire reorganization within the shortest terms. This means the changes are likely to come into effect almost immediately. Moreover, Disney is going to reorganize its reporting department to meet the requirements of the new structure as soon as possible.  

As for the global effects of the changes within the new strategy, Disney is likely to face the results in the next fiscal year.