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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Dogecoin Has Increased Its Technical Development Through Its Surging Price

Dogecoin was, at one point, a meme. Now, it is just a very expensive meme with an ever-increasing price. Interestingly, the increase in prices of Dogecoin is actually helping the cryptocurrency bring its development under one umbrella. The scattered development which has been a part of this altcoin since its inception will finally get a structure. 

Dogecoin Is Quickly Ascending The Ladder In The Cryptocurrency Market

To prove the point, all one needs to do is look towards Ross Nicoll- the lead maintained of this ‘expensive meme’. His previous commitment to an open-ended project on the site Github came up in the October of 2019. Yet, in the last couple of weeks, Nicoll has brought up several pull requests that have been clamoring for changes in the altcoin.

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The four developers of Dogecoin along with Nicoll have all picked up their keyboards after the meme coin which has been emblazoned by a Shiba-Inu. What is sweet irony is that what started as a meme currently has a worth of over $9 billion.

Currently, the developer team has been given the task of a software upgrade- where the previous upgrade was two years back. In an interview with CoinDesk, Nicoll mentioned that even if everyone else considered the altcoin to be a joke coin, the developers are very careful about the entire code that goes into it. Also, the developers want to ensure that the currency, albeit a meme, stays operational. And this is especially important after the resurgence in its online attention. 

Dogecoin was launched all the way back in 2013, and its founder Jackson Palmer never really meant it to balloon up. In fact, he had created it as a joke, a mockery of the cryptocurrency market which not many took seriously back then. 

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