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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Dvision Network Will Find Itself Supported By Coinbase Custody

Dvision Network, a platform dealing in blockchain has already revealed that Coinbase custody, a custodian of digital assets, would be their solution for cold-storage. This is going to their primary mode of storage for DVI- their native token. 

It goes without saying that getting hold of Coinbase Custody is quite an achievement for Dvision. The company had previously stated that this particular development was already out there with the blockchain’s cooperation monitored closely with this team. All the planning over the months finally led to the custodian approving the token and using it for their custodial service. Also, it should be noted that the custodian company adheres to a very strict procedure that also employs a very complicated audit review. This was utilized by them while reviewing DVI. 

A major development for Dvision Network

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This development was further promoted through a tweet on the 25th of January by Coinbase Custody- which went on to reveal that most of the DVI was now a part of the multiple tokens that the platform promoted. This implied that the holders of this token could easily place their assets and other tokens in a Coinbase Custody cold-storage.

For the uninitiated, Coinbase Custody is simply a custodial service platform that provides security to digital assets. Consumers use this feature for the safekeeping of their digital currency. Also, the security used by this platform is quite similar to the storage architecture that is employed by Coinbase exchange. 

Also, Coinbase Custody is quite well-known through the digital currency world due to it being one of the very few services that not only uphold technical standards but also support quite a few projects. Precisely why Dvision Network decided to use Coinbase Custody as its base for storage. 

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