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Monday, October 3, 2022

The New NFT Collection Has Completely Immortalized The Mitten Memes Of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders might have dropped himself from the Presidential Elections, but he would definitely be remembered by those involved in NFTs. His mitten memes at the Inauguration have made it to the blockchain network and will stay there for posterity. With the launch of NFT collectibles by Topps Digital today, the company has made sure Senator Bernie Sanders and his winter mittens stay relevant for the next few months. 

What Are The Bernie Sanders Collectibles?

The collectibles in question have been referred to as the GPK Bernventures, and are a pack of tokens of a non-fungible nature. These are usually issued on the blockchain called WAX. The drawings on the cards are usually portrayed in the fashion of the Garbage Pail Kids- a long-running series instituted by Topps all the way back in 1985. 

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The collectible series has now featured 18 different portrayals of the famous mitten meme that shows Senator Bernie Sanders completely bundled and masked up in winter apparel. This photo was famously taken at the Presidential Inauguration, and due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology, this is going to stay on the Internet for the foreseeable future. 

The series shows the Senator posing in quite a number of hilarious situations- like an alien invasion, or being underwater. The process is simple- every single time an NFT pack card is opened- usually through a transaction that takes place on the blockchain- the card pack ends up being replaced by two other cards. These two cards are completely random, and they are assigned on differing levels of rarity- Base B, Base A, Rare Artists Sketches, Legendary Artist Signatures, and Epic Artist Raws. 

The holders of such NFT also have the luxury to ‘bern’ any token that is potentially unwanted. This is made possible through the website that allows this. Also, most users would be able to destroy their NFT for points- but who would do that to a Bernie Sanders card, we wonder?

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