dWallet And Avail Are Developing Native Bitcoin Rollups With “No Bridges Or Wrapping”


Without bridging or encapsulating Bitcoin, the integration is claimed to enable customers to handle Bitcoin natively on any rollup inside Avail’s data availability ecosystem. With a new connection between dWallet Network and Avail, customers with Bitcoin BTC tickers down $66,035 will soon be able to access smart contract capability without having to bridge, wrap, or give up ownership of their BTC.

Through the collaboration, dWallet’s smart contracts—which are based on Avail’s data solution—will be able to generate Bitcoin signatures for the first time while preserving each user’s total control over their cryptocurrency. 

As Per Sadika, A Smart Contract On An Avail Rollup Can Enforce Any Logic

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Omer Sadika, the CEO of dWallet and co-founder, stated that the Bitcoin rollup solution will work with native Bitcoin without bridging or wrapping, which has generated significant incentives for hackers to work together to exploit: Cross-chain solutions that need users to give up their Bitcoin to utilize them, such as bridges or federated MPC, are flawed. Since ownership is transferred, the assets might be readily depleted by a hack or collusion. Billions of dollars are already pilfered as a result of this problem. As Sadika notes, the Bitcoin community has traditionally been quite skeptical of Bitcoin rollups, or “layer-2s,” accusing several solutions of “affinity scamming” by tricking users into exchanging Bitcoin for other tokens or bridging or wrapping BTC.