Do Social Security Stimulus Check Recipients Receive A Fourth Round Of Funds?

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Although the specifics vary, the general idea conveyed by many social media postings, movies, and website headlines is the same: elderly Americans will receive a “fourth stimulus check.” The sums that are promised differ. ($1,400. $2,000). $2,400. $4,200.) The funds were expected to arrive in November 2023, January 2024, and February 2024. If you live in a certain state, get Social Security stimulus check payments, or have income below a particular threshold, you may be eligible. However, it is stated that these “stimulus checks for seniors” will arrive in one form or another. However, they’re not.

Recovery Rebate Credit: What Is It And How Can You Recieve Your Missing Stimulus Checks?

Using the official phrase for the three waves of government stimulus payments delivered to many Americans as part of the COVID-19 relief measures Congress authorized in 2020 and 2021, IRS spokesperson Anthony Burke states, “We’ve paid out all the Economic Impact Payments.” “The most reliable public information source should be” Individuals who think they should have gotten more money or who missed a stimulus check payment altogether can still attempt to collect the funds by applying for a Recovery Rebate Credit from the IRS (see below). However, there won’t be a “fourth stimulus” very soon.

McKenzie Sadeghi, an AI and foreign influence editor for NewsGuard, a company that tracks misinformation in online media, says that claims that new pandemic payments are on the way stem in part from the growth of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation, which occurred nearly three years after the third and final federal pandemic payment was distributed. She claims that imminent stimulus checks are a common feature of “content farms,” which are purported news websites that repeat false material and frequently use AI-generated articles with little to no human review.