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Ethereum 2.0 Is On Its Way And People Cannot Wait!

Ethereum 2.0 has been due for a long time and after a long upgrade from Ethereum 1.  It has been said that Ethereum 2.0 would phenomenally change the world. It was released at 15.00 UTC, as been reported to CoinDesk by a developer of the name of Afri Schoedon. There has been a deposit contract that has been initiated which is the very first implementation of Ethereum2.0 physically. It was also said that the deposit contract acted as an intermediate channel between the upcoming proof -of- stake blockchain, the PoS, and the current proof of work mainchain, the PoW. It is estimated that Ethereum 2.0 has been marketed at 40 billion dollars by market capitalization. On 3rd January, the first set of Ethereum 2.0 was launched in the bitcoin network. This is also the 12th anniversary of bitcoin’s launch. The date for the launch, however, has been moved to December 1st of 2020. 

Depositing for Ethereum 2.0 has started

Now, on a rather practical level, stakers of Ethereum have started depositing 32 ether, which is 413.44 dollars (on 6th November 1.56 AM) into the business. This is the amount of digital money required to stake on Ethereum 2.0. The “genesis” event will come into full-fledged action once 16384 validators deposit funds reaching an amount of 524,288 ETH or ethers. The event of “genesis” is due the upcoming week. Stakers will also eventually begin to earn rewards on the basis of inflation. It is the understanding of the CoinDesk that stakers getting rewards is highly predictable in comparison to before. This is because 8 percent to 15 percent of investments are recorded to be coming in annually with Ethereum 2.0. The contract of deposit is now, at least, a one-way portal. 

The next stage for Ethereum 2.0 is contract launch

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The soon to launch Beacon chain and the contract will both represent a huge step forward in the future of Bitcoin. This is also very important for Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum. It has been understood that Buterin had waited for this moment for the last seven years: the creation of generalized Turing-complete blockchain technology. He believed that the world needed a portal as such. 

There was a four-part release of Ethereum 2.0. These would be mainly in Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, and Serenity. Each successive phase has new features being added to it. This has been said to be an embarking journey in the future of blockchain technology. The new features for the mainchain and the future current proof of work mainchain called hard forks or backward-incompatible code altercations are supposed to change the world of digital money. 

It is said that Serenity, the formal name of Ethereum 2.0 is one of the most ambitious technologies amongst the four other hard forks. However, there are various changes and developments that are to be made, especially in the first two hard forks, for Ethereum 2.0 to work smoothly.

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