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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Zoom Stock Over Slack Technologies? What Should You Choose?

Investors have been having a hard time accessing stocks during the times of the COVID19 crisis. This is why technology has sufficed investors to get into a deal where they can analyze stocks sitting on their couch. Two companies who have paved the path for such instrumental in helping businesses run are Zoom Video Communications and Slack Technologies. However, the basic questions here that we are dealing with is which one is better. Many people prefer Zoom stock to Slack technologies. 

Zoom stock success in the market 

It is worth mentioning that Zoom’s success has been of an immense amount in comparison to Slack Technologies. During the entire period of lockdown, Zoom Video communications have been ephemeral when it came to providing a platform that most teachers all around the world chose. Since social distancing was a criterion to tackle the COVID19  pandemic, Zoom stocks also rose with more usage of the application. 

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Zoom calls had been used in the place of business trips and meetings by the businessmen. This helped various businesses to keep themselves afloat and more investors were interested in putting their funds in the Zoom Stock. It was also reported that Zoom helped more businesses to earn and increase revenue by 355 percent in the second last quarter of the fiscal year of 2021. The customer reach of the company with more than 10employees has now reached 370,200 in that period. This was supposedly a spike of 458 percent that was recorded. There were about 100,000 dollars that were trailing in a year revenue which had now jumped by 112 percent from the year-ago quarter. 

Slack’s success in comparison to Zoom stocks

Slack has also been an important addition to the work going on in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. However, slack has not seen the same results as Zoom stocks have. While Zoom has had huge growth, Slack’s revenue increased only by 49 percent in the second quarter of the 2021 fiscal year. On tallying the regular paying customers it was seen that there was an annual recurring revenue that jumped about 49 percent. The company, on the other hand, added only 8000 paid customers and created revenue of 1million dollars. Even though it is understandable that Slack stocks were pretty impressive, however, it can be said it is not in comparison to the Zoom stock. 

Zoom Stock is better in all ways

It is pretty evident at this point that Zoom stock is better than Slack stocks. Most investors are interested in Zoom stocks mostly because of a very important factor, other than the revenue. Zoom stocks are a better place to invest your stocks because of the great competition. The company has been phenomenal in creating a new customer base while increasing the revenue they get from these customers simultaneously. 

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Slack vis-a-vis Zoom stocks shows us that Zoom is in a better position of buying stocks. Slack fends off the Microsoft Teams and has various problems related to technical issues which makes Zoom a better “buy” than Slack.

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