Ethereum Testnet Merge Successful


The ability for Ethereum and third-party developers to practise the Merge on testnets before the real Merge is crucial.

Transitioning to the PoS consensus method is now possible after ETH completed its last Merge experiment on Sepolia.

It was mostly successful but not without its share of problems.

Before the formal Ethereum Merge mainnet can be given the green light, a final testing of the Merge will be place on Goerli over the following several weeks.

On Wednesday, ETH instructor Anthony Sassano conducted the Sepolia Merge on YouTube. Sassano verified on Twitter that the Merge transfer was completed “well” and that the testnet will be watched over the following several days.

Superphiz On The Ethereum Merge

During the webcast, however, Superphiz, an early participant in the ETHStaker Community, warned that the Merge’s true success wouldn’t be known “for many hours or possibly until tomorrow.”

Goerli test network will host the final testing. The date of the Merge, Superphiz said, would be determined after the results of the Sepolia test have been reviewed.

The testnet Merges serve as a “dress rehearsal” for the real Merge, preparing Ethereum developers & independent developers on what to anticipate.

During the Livestream, Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, acknowledged that “far more third-party structure that isn’t available on the testnets” would be a difficulty for the main network Merge.