ETHW Core Will Be Pushing Up With Ethereum POW Fork


A section of the Ethereum community, called the ETHW core, has voiced its opposition to the Ethereum Merge which is just around the corner. This section is all set to conduct a hard fork within the first 24 hours of the Merge. Under this project name, both the ETHPoW and the token ETHW plan on splitting off from the main blockchain and further maintaining a version of PoW that would keep the mining of this cryptocurrency even beyond the Merge.

In a tweet that was published on the 13th of September, the group stated that the mainnet of ETHW will be taking place just 24 hours after the Merge. The exact time for the event will be announced an hour before the launch takes place with a countdown timer, and everything that includes binaries, config files, final code, RPC, nodes info, and explorers will be made public when the time’s up. 

ETHW Core To Launched Hard Form When ETH Merge Takes Place

The Merge will be shifting the network of Ethereum or ETHW from its current Proof-of-Work model of mining to a state of Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism- thereby phasing out the miners and replacing them with a bunch of validators. In an open letter that was written on the 29th of August, the group explained their motivations and outlined why, in their opinion, PoS was definitely a game changer but in all the negative ways.

However, there have been some in the crypto industry who believe that the hard fork that the group wants to bring out is certainly motivated by money, rather than through ideological differences. 

The former founding member of ETHW, Hudson Jameson, wondered on the 8th of September why the hard fork was being launched after the actual Merge had already taken place. He wrote that he had major doubts if they would be gaining much hash power if they launched post-Merge.