Euler Finance Hacker Has Returned 58,000 Stolen Ether

Euler Finance

The mastermind behind the exploit of $196 million on lending protocol Euler Finance recently returned a vast majority of the stolen assets- as mentioned by on-chain data. In a transaction that had taken place on the 25th of March, the exploiter went on to return 51,000 Ether, which had a worth of $88 million. A second transfer of 7,737 ETH was made later, which had a valuation of $13 million. On 18th March, the hacker sent 3000 ETH to Finance, which was worth $5.4 million. As it stands, the exploiter still has majority control over some of the stolen tokens. 

Euler Finance and Its Exploiter Could Be Coming To An Agreement

On 13th March, the hacker had gone through multiple transactions, where they stole around $196 million from Euler Finance in a flash loan attack that was dubbed the largest decentralized finance hack of 2023. The stolen assets included 8.8 million DAI, 85 million Staked Ether, 849,000 Wrapped Bitcoin and 34 million USD Coin. A few days after the hack had taken place, the exploiter texted the startup that they wanted to come to an agreement regarding the stolen tokens. They informed the company that they had no intention of keeping tokens that weren’t theirs to keep. 

Euler Finance had previously established a channel of communication with the hacker where they requested the exploiter to return 90% of the stolen funds within 24 hours, or they would be facing legal consequences. No response was received, and the startup set up a bounty of $1 million for any information regarding the hacker or the stolen tokens. According to PeckShield, a blockchain analytics firm, around 100 ETH was sent to a wallet address that was sent to one of the victims.