Everything That You Need To Know About Apple’s iOS 14.2

Apple iOS
Apple iOS

Apple has come up with major second updates following the recent launch of iOS 14.1 in the form of iPadOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2 in September.

You can download the iOS 14.2 update through the app settings on eligible devices. Open your settings then go to General and finally you will see a software update there. For devices that are old, there is a new iOS 12.4.9 available.

There are no new features such as :

New exciting Emojis

Every fall there is usually an update regarding emojis and iOS 14.2 does exactly that. The two sets of updates include new 13 characters that include potted plant, bell pepper, wand, hut, bubble tea, pinata, feather, plunger, dodo, tamale, fly, black cat, polar bear, anatomical heart, ninja, pinched fingers, smiling face with tear and more.

Apple iOS
Apple iOS

Experience the power of Intercom

Using this new update, Homepod Mini, Homepod, and other such devices can be turned into intercoms that can be used around your home. At home, Intercom can be used to communicate among your family members by sending and receiving spoken messages through CarPlay, Homepod Speakers, Apple Watch,iPad, AirPods, and iPhones.To activate it, just say,” Hey Siri, Intercom” which the technology will be quick to respond to. It is also useful for those who have to mostly stay away. 

Whenever there is a message from the intercom incoming, it can be seen as notifications with the option to listen to the audio text. You can also choose your specific devices on which you would like to listen to and send audio texts like your favorite choice of HomePod speakers.

There is also a piece of good news, you can now connect your home iPod speakers to your 4K size Apple TV for experiencing surround sound, Dolby Atmos Audio, and stereo.

Ultimate pack of new playing widget and music recognition

You can find this toggle that integrates with the app Shazam in the operating system that can be found in the control panel. Music recognition is all about discovering the music which is being played in the background. If you are wearing iPods, the music playing in the apps can also be recognized.

For you to activate it, you just need to tap on the icon of Shazam and set it to music recognition which is much simpler than ordering Siri. But first, you have to activate the Control Center.

In the Control Panel, you will find a now playing widget that will automatically suggest albums that you have most played and would want to hear when nothing is playing around you. Now you can play music easier across AirPlay 2-compatible devices by using the new AirPlay interface. 

Optimized Battery charger for AirPods

This update also has an optimized charging process that slows down the battery aging and reduces the charging tie for AirPods.The feature functions by looking at the usage history and restricting full charge.

Meet the new A14 Camera features

This technology featured in the iPhone lineup has scene detection. It has an image recognition function by which it can identify objects and improve pictures. To enhance low light videos, Auto FPS lowers framerate while recording.

People Detection

People Detection with iOS 14.2
People Detection with iOS 14.2

A handy tool in times of social distancing, this feature lets you know the distance you are away from other people. This feature takes control of your camera to function and can be found in the Magnifier App.

Apple Watch new features

The latest solo-loop band was added with the Apple Watch Series 6 and also included in the Apple Watch SE. It is added to tweak the design slightly.

New Apple Card features

Now you can see your yearly calendar year spending and Daily earned cash in the yearly spending history feature. Earlier before this iOS 14.2 update, this history was limited only to a summary of weeks or months.

Amazing Wallpapers

With this iOS 14.2 update, there are up to 8 new wallpaper choices. Amongst them, some of them are realistic and some of them are artistic and these wallpapers are different for both light and dark modes.

For knowing more about these features keep an eye out on this page.Hope this helped.